Pool Party Ideas

Today’s pool owners are taking full advantage of their investment by creating a new part of their lifestyle around their pool.

Following are some ideas for pool parties you can host with a little preparation and planning.


January: Beat the Blues by the Pool

Once the hectic holidays are over, most people are feeling a little blue in mid- to late January. Why not try a progressive pool party? Like a progressive dinner, a few (or more) families join together, and each hosts part of the evening … from munchies to main meals to coffee and dessert, everyone shares in the planning, the costs AND the “beat the blues” fun!


February: For Cupid’s Couples Only

Candlelight, music, dinner and beverages ... a perfect date for couples to share a romantic evening by the pool. Whether you celebrate Cupid before or after February 14, create a heartfelt night for one couple or many … and don’t forget to enjoy the midnight swim – a perfect end to a perfect pool date!


March: My March Pool Madness

March madness? Are you ready for college basketball tourney madness? Show your support for your favorite team – get your hats, T-shirts, banners or “cry towels” – and meet me at my pool. The pool hoops are ready for my March madness. For fun or competition, co-ed teams are a must. Get fun prizes together and finish up with a cookout. No one will even think about turning on the TV (unless it’s outdoors).


April: Garden Pool Party

Create your own garden party for the millennium. Guests arrive with their favorite gardening secrets or plants … perhaps add a secret surprise gift exchange (small garden tools?) … Everyone knows that a garden needs plenty of water, so get in the pool … relax, enjoy and soak in the pleasure your garden pool party.


May: May Showers

A bridal shower? A baby shower? A graduation shower? Your pool will make the picture perfect spot for the bride-to-be, an expectant couple or a student to capture special memories of a most memorable time in their lives. Hosted on your own or with a group of friends, you and your guests will remember this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. And there’s no rain in the forecast – remember, it’s April showers that bring May flowers!


September: Back-to-School Splash

With Labor Day comes the official end of summer. And the back-to-school blahs take over for most students. What a great time to EXTEND THE POOL SEASON by inviting classmates (and parents/teachers if desired) to get together and renew friendships and make new ones. Keep cool by the pool and add your own theme – perhaps with a wacky hat contest and plenty of games, activities and fun for all!


October: Tricks and Treats by the Pool

Get spooked in the coolest way by hosting the young or young at heart at your backyard pool. Halloween decorations are a must and, with the natural night light, let your ghostly imagination take over. Create your own unique costume themes (bathing suits included) and refreshments to brew up a magical party that guests will be screaming about!


November: Turkey Barbeque

Start a new family tradition with a turkey barbeque by the pool. Everyone brings their favorite Thanksgiving dish and, whether or not the turkey is actually cooked on an open fire or in the kitchen oven, everyone can enjoy the traditional day of thanks in a non-traditional, but most memorable way by your pool. Last one in the pool is a real turkey!


December: Independence in December

Perhaps you’ve heard of Christmas in July? Well, turn your backyard escape into a sparkling holiday season that everyone will be cheering about. Complete with Santa decked out in red, white and blue, let your patriotism shine through for your guests. The theme is set, costumes should be encouraged, and food and drink should be an all-American affair. Fireworks are optional (as local laws permit) but, remember, first one in the pool gets the biggest present – Ho! Ho! Ho!